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4 Things To Do When Preparing your body for pregnancy after 30 years old

Found this interesting article on SandraRose. Read below if it concerns you...:-)
Women were not designed to get pregnant or give birth after age 30. That’s why there are more risks involved with childbirth after age 30. The reason women in their 40s have fertility issues is because the human body is not prepared for natural birth at that age.
But according to authors Christa Orecchio and Willow Buckley, women over 30 can give birth naturally by preparing their bodies before conception.

In their new book “How To Conceive Naturally: And Have a Healthy Pregnancy After 30,” Orecchio and Buckley say women over 30 can prepare their bodies for late age childbirth by eating right.

1. Preparing your body. Prepare your body for childbirth by practicing proper nutrition such as eliminating artificial and processed food. “Proper nutrition forms the core of this foundation and dramatically affects preconception health,” Orecchio and Buckley write. “Prenatal nutrition also determines the quality of the baby’s major organs and even her predisposition to certain diseases.”

2. Eliminate stress. If your life is stressful, your fetus will feel stressed out. “A good mindset is key,” says Orecchio. “You create your own culture, so communicate with your baby before and during pregnancy. Create enough time for yourself; have a morning or night routine that’s sacred to you.”

3. Add placenta to your diet. Orecchio, a certified nutritionist, suggests eating encapsulated placenta 3 months prior to conception to balance your postpartum hormones. “The Kardashians are doing it!” said Orecchio.

4. Be good to your gut. Orecchio recommends taking a multi-strain probiotic for 90 days before you conceive to prepare your gut to cultivate digestive enzymes and to help with digestion in your stomach and intestines. “Whatever imbalances you have, youth can overcome that. But not as you age. Then you have to do the work,” says Orecchio.
4 Things To Do When Preparing your body for pregnancy after 30 years old 4 Things To Do When Preparing your body for pregnancy after 30 years old Reviewed by Khabza Mkhize on 10/24/2015 11:21:00 pm Rating: 5

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