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A dog is dead! Angry Residents of the Port Elizabeth kasi

THE ruthless thug and his armed gang had apparently been terrorising the community for years!
The gang allegedly robbed, raped and killed.
But when the gang struck again on Saturday morning, a whistle called Missionvale residents to hurry to take action.
The community rushed in large numbers to find the thugs.
This time, the 33-year-old thug couldn’t escape and he died screaming as flames engulfed him!
When the news of the thug’s death spread, dozens of residents leapt with joy and screamed: “A dog is dead!”
Residents of the Port Elizabeth kasi claimed the thug had been giving them sleepless night for a decade.
They said unconfirmed reports that the thug and his gang had raped a woman and forced her husband to watch spread like wildfire through the community on Saturday.
A resident who didn’t want to be named said: “We have been battling for many years to kill this bastard.  “He would break into our homes and rob us.
“He recently came out of jail and started terrorising us again, so today we decided to finish him off.”
Another resident said: “I was still sleeping when the whistle woke me.
“I went out to check what was happening.
“I saw a group of residents crushing his legs with rocks. Then they dosed him with a flammable substance. A mattress and planks were thrown on top of his body and he was burned to death.”
CPF chairman Eddie Alexandra said: “We condemn the killing and will call a meeting with the people soon because two wrongs won’t remedy the situation,” he said.
A dog is dead! Angry Residents of the Port Elizabeth kasi A dog is dead! Angry Residents of the Port Elizabeth kasi Reviewed by Khabza Mkhize on 10/26/2015 09:34:00 am Rating: 5

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