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Bonang and Somizi are now ENERMIES?

IT seems like a battle of the divas! Two “best friends forever” are rumoured to have have now turned into frenemies.
TV and radio personalities Bonang “Queen B” Matheba and Somizi “SomG” Mhlongo are allegedly no longer on speaking terms.
This after the pair was said to have harsh words in Zimbabwe last month.
Sunday Sun sources close to the situation said they were at Zimbabwean Queen Vee’s All White Celebrity Birthday Party at The Venue, in Avondale, Harare.
One source said all hell broke loose when Queen B received a call from AKA which resulted in her blowing her top.
“After fighting with AKA over the phone, she was not the same. She was angry and moody and wasn’t friendly to other party guests,” said the source.
The source further said Somizi told her to loosen up because they were at work.
“Somizi reminded her they got paid for appearing at the party and they shouldn’t act funny.
“Bonang had been shouting over the phone, which resulted in her being centre of attention.
“That’s where it all started.
“Somizi was mad at her because she wasn’t being professional,” said the witness.
Another source said: “To make matters worse, a few weeks ago Somizi was offered a chance to shoot a reality show with Basetsana Kumalo.
“Bonang wanted to be in it, but she was left on the side-lines.”
A third source said: “Bonang is bitter because Basetsana chose Somizi over her, and she feels used by Somizi because it was through Bonang’s contacts that he met high-profile people who offered him gigs.”
This mole added: “Now they’re not posting pictures of the two of them together on Instagram any more.”
Yesterday Bonang refused to comment and hung up on us.
Somizi also refused to comment on the allegations.
After contacting Somizi yesterday he took to Instagram and said: “Guess which tabloid I’ve saved at the last missed calls. Lol.
“Let’s all call them non stop let it ring 3 times and hang up and call again.” (sic)
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