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Lady Narrates How She Became Besties with Woman her Boyfriend was Cheating on Her With

I was admiring the pictures that a friend was sending me via Black Berry recently, when she told me the story behind her friendship with the lady in those pictures. A very unique story that gives me hope about a lot of sisters out there…sisters who see life for what it is and understand that nothing is worth all that ‘bad blood’. Sisters who always have the ‘big picture’ in mind.

She had visited her (then) boy friend on a Saturday afternoon, with some meals-as usual and according to her, she had hardly settled in when the door bell rang and in came another lady whom she casually threw ‘good afternoon’ at and went about serving the
Only that she emerged with three plates of food (from the kitchen)-instead of two…the third was for the visitor – who graciously accepted the meal, ‘gisted’ nonstop with her and even recommended some topical creams for my lady’s pimples.
The guy left them alone and went into his bedroom. The two ladies kept busy with more ‘gists’. My lady told me that at the end of the day, when the other lady was taking her leave – she knew she had made a friend worth keeping for a life time.
Not once did one ask the other ‘what brought you here, what is your relationship with him, when did you meet him’? To them, all these don’t matter anymore because one thing is very clear to each person…both of them have been played (probably sold same ‘love’ story) and it doesn’t matter who was played first.
She said they kept in touch and stayed friends over the years. The pictures she was sending me were the wedding pictures of the other lady. My lady had hers a few years back.

My lady told me that the other lady said that the ‘good afternoon’ she said to her that first day they met (in an unfriendly setting) was most friendly. That she had come prepared for war (because the guy claimed not to be home but she sighted two cars in his drive way and decided to ‘surprise’ him).
Stories like this put maturity itself to shame and it is the mindset I want the sisters to begin to imbibe. The other lady you found out your boyfriend is going out with is not your enemy. She was probably approached the same way you were approached, told the same (love) stories that you were told or made same promises that you were made. She is a victim (of love) just as yourself. None has snatched anything from the other.
Someone who is an enemy is that person (especially a supposed friend/relative) who knows you are involved with someone and still goes behind you to ‘run shows’ with him.
I am not saying you must be friends with someone you sniffed out to be ‘doing’ your guy. I am simply saying that all that ‘fighting and bickering’ is most uncalled for. None has wronged the other in any way, because one whom you are not yet wearing his ring, has the right to look elsewhere (and so do you!) – until he finds what he seeks.
No modern lady should drop her dignity just because she got to the house of a man (that is not yet her husband) and found another lady there. You can walk away and refuse to have anything (further) to do with the ‘he’ who can’t focus on one thing at a time.
Frankly, nothing is worth all that ‘bad blood’. You could end up with a relative of that lady you chose to be ‘courteous’ to, tomorrow!
Story culled from Facebook. 

Lady Narrates How She Became Besties with Woman her Boyfriend was Cheating on Her With Lady Narrates How She Became Besties with Woman her Boyfriend was Cheating on Her With Reviewed by Khabza Mkhize on 10/23/2015 11:36:00 am Rating: 5

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