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More than 30 Zim students ARRESTED for HOSTING N-UDE PARTY

Zimbabwe – AT least 30 students from Zengeza 4 High School in Chitungwiza near The Capital Harare are being investigated for allegedly participating in a n-ude party held in the high-density suburb last week.
The headmaster,Itai Mupfudze, confirmed the incident yesterday saying the group comprised of 22 girls and seven boys mostly “O” Level students. The students are alleged to have engaged in s-exual activities and drug abuse at a private home in the same suburb.
“We are trying to establish what really happened, but the problem is that most of the students involved are sitting for their Ordinary Level exams which are starting this week,” Mupfudze said.
“Given that, we are left with few options because now they have a contract with Zimsec to write their exams and go. So we have that challenge. Some told us it was a farewell party, so we have no evidence at the moment of what really happened at that party because it was not held within the school premises,” he added.
According to fellow students who witnessed the alleged drama, there were 22 girls and seven boys and at least each boy had s-ex with three girls as they drank and feasted without control.
“Although most of them are Form 4s, they were also some Form 3s and Form 2s who were there and they had s-ex. The matter came to light after one of them shared it with her friends who then took it to school authorities,” said a student who refused to be named.
In Zimbabwe, n-ude parties are fast becoming popular among school-going children who are taking advantage of the absence of their parents and host their colleagues indulging in s-ex orgies and drug abuse.
Mupfudze said parents should always monitor their children whenever they are not at school to prevent them from indulging in such activities.
“As a school, we are handicapped because like in this case, the party was held outside our premises, so our actions are limited. Parents have a role to play in the upbringing of these children,” he said
In August this year, 5 students and one adult man were convicted of criminal nuisance after pleading guilty to conducting a nude party at a private home in Westgate, Harare.
Last year, two people died after drowning at a pool party in the capital which was attended by mainly teenagers and young adults.
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