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#OPW: Marrying a South African is like winning a Lotto to Nigerians

This week we celebrated the nuptials of Martin, 43, and Elisa, 41 Martin proposed on their first date as now one will refuse a Lotto price.That a quickest take over. “Yes. Marriage is a lottery”. “No. It is not. It is not meant to be!” No matter your perspective, the institution of marriage is as old as the human civilization. 

Or a Visa to SA

My Permanent Residence in Progress

If you are a foreigner and married or having a spousal relationship with a South African citizen you can apply for Spousal visa. The benefit of applying for this visa is that you are only assessed based upon your marital status or the duration of your relationship. This is different than the South African business visas where an investment needs to be made and work permits require an offer of employment from a South African company before they can receive the visa. There is no such requirement for those applying to join their spouse or partner in South Africa.

If you and your spouse have been married for a period of five years or more, you can apply for a Permanent Residence Spouse Permit. A permanent residence permit allows you to apply for South African citizenship after two years of receiving the permit.

A dynamic wedding celebration bringing together two distinct cultures from different countries South Africa and Nigeria. As expected, Elisa experienced the stigma of dating a foreigner, not just any foreigner but a Nigerian for that matter.

Eyebrows were raised when we found out that Martin proposed on their first date.

Fortunately for Elisa, almost a decade later with two children in the picture, she walked down the aisle with Martin who seemed genuinely in love with his wife.

The wedding was simple without the glitches even though we felt like some parts were a bit dull. You might not agree with us, but we're going to blame Elisa for the dull moments. What surprised us most about the bride is that she only saw her bridesmaids dresses a day before the wedding. For the love of Zeus, this is a wedding not a surprise party where mishaps can be excused.

At least Elisa’s unbothered character didn’t deter her from choosing a nice and simple wedding gown. We loved how she looked in her dress and how she was considerate with covering her generous size breasts. Plus they didn’t look like over-inflated balloons ready to burst out.

#OPW: Marrying a South African is like winning a Lotto to Nigerians #OPW: Marrying a South African is like winning a Lotto to Nigerians Reviewed by Khabza Mkhize on 10/26/2015 10:51:00 am Rating: 5

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