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Daniel Mahlaule firstly joined the ANC then DA and now to the EFF.

KING Punani is a political chameleon.
King P whose real name is Daniel Mahlaule firstly joined the ANC before crossing the floor to the DA.
And now he has deflected to the EFF.
His friends said when he realised he would not get his way to move up in the ranks he moved to another party.
Sources close to the situation claimed that he left the ANC after he failed to score tenders.
“He thought that by joiningthe DA, he would be a councillor of the party in Zandspruit. But things didn’t go according to plan.
“What also made him angry was that he tried to meet DA leader Mmusi Maimane but his dream went up in smoke, so he got gatvol,” claimed a friend.
The friend also said he decided to join the EFF because he felt that it was the only party that speaks the language of the poor.
“King P told DA leaders in his area that they were wasting his time.
“He told them that the only thing they knew was to come to his tavern and drink for free and also ask him for money.
“King P became gatvol and accused them of exploiting his generosity. So he decided to call it quits,” said a close friend.
Another resident of Zandspruit said: “He said that the EFF is one party that has a bright future in the country. He also called on hundreds of people who joined the DA with him to dump it. He said the party had no interest in improving their lives.
Even his wife is an EFF member and they took part in a march on Wednesday. He joined the EFF last Sunday when Julius Malema was in Zandspruit,” said his friend.
King P said: “All I wanted was a true leader to come and see the living conditions of people of Zandspruit. So Maimane didn’t come through but Julius Malema did so successfully. . .  I’m now part of the EFF”.
Daniel Mahlaule firstly joined the ANC then DA and now to the EFF. Daniel Mahlaule firstly joined the ANC then DA and now to the EFF. Reviewed by Khabza Mkhize on 11/01/2015 09:49:00 pm Rating: 5

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