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Mshoza and Bhuti Wedding Called OFF

THEIR relationship started like a veld fire and they cherished every moment!
But today Sunday Sun can reveal no marriage will happen between Nomasonto “Mshoza” Maswanganyi and her boyfriend Mahangi “Bhuti” Mabunda anytime soon.
According to insiders close to the couple, things seem not to be well in this relationship.
Bhuti also confirmed he was not ready to get married and made it clear that even if he wanted to go down the isle, it won’t be with Mshoza.
He said: “I haven’t decided when I’ll get married as I’m still looking (for someone). I haven’t found anyone to marry right now.”
When the SunTeam asked Bhuti why he won’t marry Mshoza, he said: “I’m not going to answer you on that, and another thing, I’m driving, sharp!”
Close friends of the couple claim things are falling apart between the businessman and the musician – as they no longer see eye-to-eye.
“Mshoza complained Bhuti was no longer the guy she fell in love with. He no longer gives her attention. And she’s always in tears. You can see through her eyes she’s unhappy,” said the source.
Another friend claimed the couple used to go to dinner together, but that has since changed.
Mshoza said Bhuti is always busy and no longer has time. She also said she was looking forward to being the makoti for thesecond time, but knows Bhuti won’t marry her. She really needs counselling,” said our mole.
She said: “When people don’t see me with Bhuti they think there’s a problem. I can’t choose for him when to get married. We spoke about marriage. It’s something we’re not rushing into. What I know is there are issues in the relationship, but he is my man!”
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