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3 Na_ked Women Caught Digging Grave

THREE women were caught red-handed by a bereaved family performing a ritual and digging at a fresh grave of the family’s relative. The incident happened at Madala Village in Inyathi.
As per tradition, the relatives of the deceased and other neighbours went to check on the grave around 5am the day after burial.
Upon arrival, they found three women who were half na_ked sitting on top of the grave, sprinkling an unknown concoction contained in a calabash.
The village head Sarah Dlamini, who was part of the bereaved, confirmed busting the women at Regina Moyo’s grave.
“We were going to check the gravesite like what Mary the mother of Jesus did when her son died. When we arrived, we were shocked to find three women half na_ked. We were unable to identify them but one of them was an elderly woman from the neighbourhood, (name supplied).
“When they saw us they got up and knelt down trembling with fear. This shocked everyone. We have never seen such. They left the gravesite and went away,” Dlamini said.
That is when the village head decided to summon the whole village.
“I summoned Ncube, relatives of the deceased and the villagers to discuss this issue. Ncube cried and apologised. According to the village laws no one is allowed to go to the graveyard without the knowledge of the village head or other villagers but this surprised us because she was with strangers,” said Dlamini.
John Sithole, the deceased’s husband expressed grief and dismay as he narrated the ordeal.
“My wife’s death traumatised me. She was not sick at all. Three days before her death she screamed while we were asleep. When I asked, she said na_ked women were stabbing her with a spear. She started shivering and had fever. I thought it was a bad dream or malaria. In the morning we took her to Inyathi Hospital where she died within three days,” Sithole said.
He is convinced that the na_ked women at his wife’s grave had something to do with it.
“I have no doubt those are the people who killed her. Since the incident, Ncube and I are not on talking terms,” he said.
Sithole added that he wanted to take the matter to chief Mtshane but other relatives told him to forgive and forget.
Ncube has since been keeping a low profile. The news team did not find her at her homestead.
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