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80% Of South African Youth Prefer Unprotected Se_x

A recent study done in Schools and Institutions of higher learning across South Africa revealed that more than 80% of the youth in South Africa do not like using protection when engaging in se_xual activities.
The government interviewed students from Cape Peninsula University Of Technology, University Of Capetown, University Of Fort Hare, University Of Kwa Zulu Natal, Rhodes University, Tshwane University Of Technology, and several High schools and the outcomes were found to be very shocking.
10% of the students stated that they do sometimes use con+doms, but not always as cond_oms are not that easily accessibly in South Africa. About 20% revealed that they always use protection, while 80% plainly declared that they do not like cond_oms as they reduce the pleasure of se_x.
Asked if they are not worried about the dangers of unprotected se_x, most of them stated that se_x is se_x, whether it kills you or it does not, it is just se_x.
The government of South Africa is yet to give official statement in regard to this study.
80% Of South African Youth Prefer Unprotected Se_x 80% Of South African Youth Prefer Unprotected Se_x Reviewed by Khabza Mkhize on 9/09/2016 10:42:00 pm Rating: 5

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