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Chiedza Mhende wandile from Generation is pregnat by Thapelo Mokoena.

Generation the legacy actors zola's son a woman

Is there any truth in this? When I first saw Zola's son(Wandile) the last born to his late wife, I actually thought he would make a very beautiful gay. He looked more like a woman than a guy to me. So this Morning when I logged on to my Facebook I found posts about him being a woman and not a man. I don't know how true this is but I find it interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing his/her part of the story or rather the truth to all this. I must say he/she still looks good either way. Very yummy.

Generations: the Legacy actor, who plays the role of Wandile, has left soapies fans shocked, as it recently emerged that he is in actual fact a woman.
The Zimbabwean-born actress Chiedza Mhende plays the role of Wandile, Zola’s son in the soapie.
She had many people fooled into believing that she was a man, as she flawlessly assumed her role in the South African soapie. Legions of fans took to twitter and Facebook to air their surprise.

“Lol I know that 80 percent of women were blown away and crushing on him (her). Lmao well ngebhadi she’s not a man… but she plays a role of being Zola’s son on Generations. Her name is Chiedza Mhende. She’s a Zimbabwean born, she moved to SA in 2006 and she studied in the University of Cape Town,” read a comment from one of the fans.

Sorry ladies

The young man who plays Wandile is actually a woman......no more crushing on her (zola's kid)
Not so long ago  Karabo's long lost husband appeared on our screens to join the love of his life and his life got interesting to his fans when his Gorgeous sons started appearing from what I'd love to call "small heaven " the brothers are too fine and I must say the story seems real because they all have some sort of resemblance.  But when his youngest son appeared on the screens I was like oh heaven officially lives in Zola's organs...He produces the finest sperms and I just thought since he has three sons maybe the youngest son was supposed to be a girl but God changed his mind along the way because he's  pretty enough to be a woman but however he still looks Delicious as a man. The allegations of him being a woman in real life wouldn't shock me much if they are true.  Brains with a purpose, pure talented!

The Zimbabwean born actress and voice artiste, Chiedza “Chi” Mhende moved to Cape Town in 2006 to study at AFDA — the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and live Performance.
She was introduced to Cape Town’s theatre scene as Lady Capulet in a 2010 Arts cape production of Romeo and Juliet. Her theatre training extends to drama therapy, having worked with organisations such as the Bonfire Improv Theatre Company and the Zakheni Arts Therapy Foundation.
She is the voice of “Siyaya” and Al Jazeera’’s global health series “Lifelines”.
Chiedza hasn’t responded to the questions posted by fans.

Perhaps with that “cat” out of the bag the soapie might have to come up with an interesting script to turn her into a woman.

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Chiedza Mhende wandile from Generation is pregnat by Thapelo Mokoena. Chiedza Mhende wandile from Generation is pregnat by Thapelo Mokoena. Reviewed by Khabza Mkhize on 9/26/2016 12:58:00 pm Rating: 5

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