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Man Loses Virg_inity To Twe_rking Female Tokoloshe

IT WAS bad enough when this woman tokoloshe took his virgin_ity and had se_x with him every night, said the poor man.
But when he got married, the jealous creature wouldn’t share him.
The 42-year-old Soweto man claimed the evil thing disabled his 4-5 and ruined his se_x life!
He said that years of poking the invisible tokoloshe left him unable to keep a real woman.
“With them his manho_od just won’t stand up!
“The only time I enjoy se_x is when I make love to the tokoloshe. I take less than a minute to reach my clim_ax. But real women end up horn_y and frustrated,” he said.
That’s how he lost two wives and many girlfriends.
“My first wife left me, saying I didn’t satisfy her.
“My other wife dumped me for the same reason.”
“I’ve had over 15 girlfriends in two years who left me after our first meeting. After disappointing them in be_d I never hear from them again.”
The frustrated man said the tokoloshe’s se_x visits began in 2009.
“It would come into my room and tw_erk. After sedu_cing me with her moves, she gave me great blow jobs before enjoying long, steamy sessions with me.”
He said he tried many vuka-vuka remedies and visited the Men’s Clinic, but nothing helped. Sangomas, prophets and traditional healers said his invisible lover had disabled his 4-5.
“I meet many beautiful women every day, but I can’t please them,” he said.
“We spoke to some of the women who dumped him. One said: “I left him after I found out his weakness.” Another said no woman could be happy with his disappointing manh_ood.
Traditional healer Mahlinzi Dlamini said the man is cursed. Someone took his underwear so he can’t succeed, but a strong sangoma can save him.
The man also said he’s been hit three times by cars, in Cape Town in 1992 and in Soweto in 1994 and 2010.
Man Loses Virg_inity To Twe_rking Female Tokoloshe Man Loses Virg_inity To Twe_rking Female Tokoloshe Reviewed by Khabza Mkhize on 9/13/2016 11:40:00 am Rating: 5

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