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Zee World - Forbidden Love Weekly Teasers October 2016

Zee World Weekly Highlights  October 2016

Monday 03 October 2016 : 'S1/E25 - 1/25'. Amisha implements a plan to clear all misunderstandings between Veera and Vivan, could she have an ulterior motive?

Tuesday 04 October 2016 : 'S1/E26 - 1/26'. Mona forces his father to choose between her and his other daughters. How will they deal with the situation? Amisha continues using her business as a way to bring Vera and Vivan closer to each other.

Wednesday 05 October 2016 : 'S1/E27 - 1/27'. Veera is arranging Sid and Mona's wedding, not realising that Sid is in love with her sister.

Thursday 06 October 2016 : 'S1/E28 - 1/28'. Amisha plans a party, she pretends that they are dedicating it to Veera and Kushaan. Amisha then does something that might leave Veera and Kushaan's relationship scarred.

Friday 07 October 2016 : 'S1/E29 - 1/29'. Sid comes to know that Mona is in love with him. The story takes a twist when Veera finds Neha with a pregnancy test. The information about Neha's pregnancy lands in the wrong hands.

Monday 10 October 2016 : 'S1/E30 - 1/30'. Veera finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place. How will she reveal the news of Mona's pregnancy to the family?

Tuesday 11 October 2016 :'S1/E31 - 1/31'. Sid reveals the truth to Vivan, he then goes to Veera hoping that she can help with the situation. Kushaan overhears Vivan and Veera talking about a secret between the two of them.

Wednesday 12 October 2016 : 'S1/E32 - 1/32'. Kushaan finds a letter Vivan wrote along with her anklet. Sid is finding it difficult to convince his mother to accept Neha as his bride. Kushaan confronts Vivan about his relationship with Veera.

Thursday 13 October 2016 : 'S1/E33 - 1/33'. Veera and Kushaan's relationship takes a toll when he complains of her lack of involvement in the relationship. Shweta joins forces with Amisha to end Veera and Kushaan's relationship.

Friday 14 October 2016 : 'S1/E34 - 1/34'. News about Neha's pregnancy is starting to spread and soon Mona finds out. Will she still pursue Sid after knowing this?

Monday 17 October 2016 : 'S1/E35 - 1/35'. Kushaan is under the impression that Veera is pregnant. Veera is forced to reveal the truth about Neha's pregnancy.

Tuesday 18 October 2016 : 'S1/E36 - 1/36'. Vivan finds out that Amisha is the one behind Kushaan and Veera's problems. Sid takes a brave step and approaches his mother with Neha, telling her that he wants to marry her.

Be sure to tune into Forbidden Love at CAT 19h00 |  WAT: 18h00 | EAT 20h00  every Monday to Friday on Zee World  (Channel 166).

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Zee World brings you a new series, Forbidden Love. This dramatic new show will bring out your emotions, from love, anger, surprise and dramatic twists!
Forbidden Love is a story based on the life of Veera, an air-hostess. She lives independently in a company-owned flat, despite her parents living in the same city.
Her passionate desire to be independent, and her no-nonsense practicality sets her apart from other women her age. Vivan is a playboy who flirts with Veera and then breaks her heart. He realises too little, too late that he has fallen in love with her and tries to win her back. She, however, wants nothing to do with him. She meets Kushan, a mature and sensitive man whom she eventually marries. Their lives experiences an unexpected dramatic turn of events when Veera learns that Vivan is her husband’s younger brother.

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