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Somizi falls pregnant after a medical operation , Report

Popular Idols Judge Somizi is rumoured to be pregnant. The rumours once surfaced last year,but he dismissed them by taking a pregnancy test, but this time the story has taken a new twist. It is alleged that a medical procedure placed a living womb within which the embryo can implant and attach a placenta into his tummy.

The first question is whether a human fetus could develop to term in an environment other than a uterus. Surprisingly, we already know the answer, and it’s yes and it has happened before. If a woman’s abdomen can act as womb, a man’s abdomen could do just as well.
In a normal pregnancy, it is set up with the specialized internal lining of the uterus known as the endometrium. Endometrial cells are recruited along with embryonic cells to form the placenta, but at the time of birth, the entire placenta detaches itself easily from the intact uterine wall to follow the baby through the birth canal. The ability to create a detachable endometrial lining that can be incorporated into the growing placenta is a unique property of the uterus.

So is male pregnancy possible? Probably yes. Is male pregnancy safe? No, not at the present time. The procedure is reported to have been carried out at a private surgery in Durban, by Indian doctors who jetted in beginning of last month.
If the reports are true, Mzansi will only pray for Somgaga’s safe delivery due to the complications involved carrying the baby in the womb and delivering. The father of the child he is alleged to be carrying is not known. It is also reported that he could also be the father of that same child alleged to be in his tummy!
Somizi was not avialable for comment.

Source: mzansilive
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